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Personal Angels

Imagine knowing, and being able to connect to the angelic forces that were present at the very moment you were created. Each person has a collective of angels they can connect to, based on the month, day and time of their birth. These angels were tasked with helping to guide and assist you on your life’s journey, and all it takes to receive this guidance is simply to ask.

By connecting with our personal angels we can request support, protection and blessings. Whether we connect to them on a daily basis, or in the moments when we feel we need assistance, having the consciousness of our angels being present helps us to remember the wisdom that our souls already know.


After researching your Personal Angelic Chart based on your birth details, Osnat Yeshurun will take you through a guided Kabbalistic meditation using specific breathing techniques to elevate your consciousness to the Upper Worlds and request that your angels join you and reveal the ways in which they can offer assistance.

The meditation will be recorded so that you can use it to journey daily to your angels in the upper worlds or re-connect whenever you wish. You will also receive a Personal Angelic Chart in jpeg or pdf to keep with you.

*Please note that each session builds upon each other and should be done in order.

*Following purchase, you will receive an email to schedule your session.

  • Session 1: Guardian Angels -  £200.00
  • Session 2: Identifying Your Correction -  £200.00
  • Session 3: Revealing The Concealed Ego £200.00
  • Session 4: Connecting To Your Soul’s Purpose, £200.00
  • Session 5: Renewing Your Soul’s Contract , £200.00
  • Session 1 – 5: Full Angel Journey -  £1,000.00

For any additional questions, please contact london@kabbalah.com