Pinchas Water - 1L (Case of 12)

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Pinchas was a venerated priest and healer so admired there is a portion of the Torah named after him. It is said that he was personally responsible for ending the plague that claimed 24,000 lives. He tapped directly into the universe's healing energy and created a channel for us to do so ourselves. According to the Zohar, Pinchas actually restored the immune system of humankind.

Pinchas water channels the raw healing energy of this great Kabbalist. Every bottle has been blessed and meditated upon at the Kabbalah Centre during Shabbat Pinchas, infusing the water with the light of the Pinchas Torah reading. For every bottle of Pinchas water purchased, the Kabbalah Centre provides 10 liters of clean drinking water to people in need.

Drinking Pinchas water is what we like to call - hydrating with consciousness!